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The Fourteenth International Cognitive Linguistics Conferenc
10. juuli 2017 - 14. juuli 2017
Tartu Ülikool - Tartu



The ICLC is the biennial conference of the International Cognitive Linguistics Association ( The local organisers of ICLC-14 are based in the Estonian affiliate organization ECLA ( There is no requirement to be an ICLA member for conference participation, but members will get a substantial reduction in conference fee as well as enjoy other benefits (more information and member signup viaICLA website).


We invite a broad range of papers on any topic taking a cognitive, functional, typological, and discourse approach to the study of language and cognition. The special theme of ICLC-14 is “Linguistic Diversity and Cognitive Linguistics”. We hope to promote the relevance of Cognitive Linguistics to a wide range of languages and to encourage papers that draw data from lesser known languages and language families. The term “linguistic diversity” is used in its broadest sense and it can refer to either diversity within one particular language or diversity of languages in general.



Plenary speakers


Dagmar Divjak, University of Sheffield, UK


Nick C. Ellis, University of Michigan, USA


Laura A. Janda, University of Tromso, Norway


Ronald W. Langacker, University of California, San Diego, USA


Asifa Majid, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


John Newman, University of Alberta, Canada



Submission formats


The language of the conference is English. Session slots will be allocated 25 minutes, which includes questions and discussion.


1. Theme sessions


Deadline: 15 September 2016; notification: 15 October 2016


- Theme session organisers should submit their theme session proposals directly to the conference organisers (by email: See e-posti aadress on kaitstud spämmirobotide vastu. E-posti aadressi nägemiseks peab olema JavaScripti kasutamine olema lubatud. ) either in a .pdf or a .doc(x) format. Theme session proposals should include: session title, name and affiliation of the theme session convener, an introduction of up to 400 words explaining the theme, a list of the authors and titles of the individual papers, and all abstracts for the theme session in a suitable order.

- The conference schedule particularly suits sessions comprised of 6 slots (25 minutes each), including time for introduction and general discussion. The maximum length of the theme session is 12 slots. Papers in each theme session should be thematically linked. We strongly encourage diversity at the level of the affiliations involved at the theme session – one third of the papers should be contributed by authors outside the affiliation of the theme session convener. Theme session conveners are encouraged to launch a broad call for submission.

- Once the theme session has been accepted as a whole, theme session authors will need to submit their abstracts for review (following the guidelines below).


2. General and poster session


Deadline: 1 November 2016; notification: 15 January 2017


- Each author may submit one single-authored and one co-authored paper, regardless of whether they are intended for the general or a theme session.



Abstract Submission


Submissions should include: title, name, affiliation, e-mail address, 500-word abstract, and the type of submission (general session, theme session or poster session). Abstracts must not exceed 1 page of A4 (including title, data, figures and references), and should be formatted in the following way. Please use 10 point Arial (Unicode) font, single-spaced and set margins to 1 inch (2.54cm) all around. Abstracts will be subjected to blind review by a minimum of two referees from an international Scientific Committee, so author names should not appear anywhere on abstracts (you may cite yourself as [Author] or in the third person for previously published work). Please include a list of five keywords that describe the research at the top of the abstract to assist the reviewing process. Authors are requested to upload both a .pdf and a .doc(x) version of their abstracts.


Please submit your abstract electronically using the link below:


Important dates*




Abstract submission becomes available: 1 August 2016


Submission of theme session proposals: 15 September 2016


Notification of acceptance for theme sessions: 15 October 2016


Submission of abstracts for oral presentations and posters: 1 November 2016


Notification of acceptance for oral presentations and posters: 15 January 2017


Dates of conference: 10-14 July 2017


*All dates use the Eastern European Time Zone (GMT + 02:00)




Local Organizing Committee




Jane Klavan (conference chair)


Liina Lindström


Mariann Proos (conference secretary)


Ilona Tragel (conference chair)


Ene Vainik


Ann Veismann

Information about the conference can be found


Please direct all enquiries to: See e-posti aadress on kaitstud spämmirobotide vastu. E-posti aadressi nägemiseks peab olema JavaScripti kasutamine olema lubatud.



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